Silicon Metal Grades Instruction

18 Nov , 2021
Silicon metal is rich in silicon and is widely used in steel making, casting foundry, aluminium ingot production, purification and other industries. The content of different silicon metal grades varies and their applications are very different. The main common grades of silicon metal are 441, 553, 3303 and 2202, but in addition to these grades there are some lesser known grades, such as 421, 411 and 1101.

silicon metal 441

Many people think that silicon metal grades are graded on the basis of their silicon content, like ferrosilicon, but this is not the case. In addition to silicon, there are also minor elements such as ferro, aluminium and calcium in silicon metal 2202, which contains 0.2% ferro, 0.2% aluminium and 0.02% calcium. The grades of silicon metal used in steelmaking are generally 411, 441, 421 and 553, while the grades of silicon metal used as aluminium ingots and in the purification process are relatively high, generally 3303 and 2202.

silicon metal 553

Processing of silicon metal grain size can produce metal powder and silicon metal pellets. Silicon metal powder is usually packaged in iron drums, aluminium foil, paper bags, etc., While for the larger size of lump silicon metal it is usually packaged in tonne bags, but other packaging can be changed according to user requirements.

silicon metal 3303

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