Silicon Metal Powder Introduce

16 Nov , 2021

What is silicon metal powder ?

Silicon metal powder is a grayish black powder, which is made by crushing silicon metal and then processed by grinding equipment. Silicon metal powder has good heat resistance and good electrical resistance, and is usually used in metallurgy, electronics, and chemical industries.

silicon metal powder

Silicon metal powder specification

Silicon metal powder is rich in silicon elements, its silicon content can be as high as 99.95%, the rest is iron, aluminum, calcium, phosphorus, titanium and other impurity elements. In the production of silicon metal powder will be filtered through the screen, the more mesh, the smaller the particle size of the produced silicon metal powder, the common mesh of silicon metal powder is 100 mesh ~ 325 mesh, some super micro silicon metal powder can reach 500 mesh ~ 100 mesh, of course, the higher the mesh, the higher the processing accuracy will be more expensive.

Silicon metal powder application

  • The purification of silicon metal powder can produce monomeric silicon, which is mainly used for the production of organic silicon, the production of high purity semiconductor materials and the formulation of alloys with special applications.
  • Silicon metal powder can be applied to the production of rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil and other silicones with good elasticity and high temperature resistance, which can be applied to the production of medical supplies and high temperature resistant gaskets. The silicone resin produced by using purified silicon metal powder can be applied to the production of insulating paint, high temperature coating, etc.
  • Silicon metal powder is also widely used in high-purity semiconductors. At present, large integrated circuits are almost all made of high-purity silicon metal powder, and high-purity silicon metal powder is also the main raw material for the production of optical fiber, so it can be said that silicon metal powder has become the basic pillar industry of the information age.
  • In the production of aluminum ingots, silicon metal powder is widely used, which can promote the fluidity and plasticity of aluminum water, effectively remove impurities in aluminum and improve the quality of aluminum ingots.
  • In the metallurgical foundry industry, silicon metal powder is used as a non-iron-based additive and silicon steel alloying agent, thus improving steel hardenability. Silicon metal powder can also be applied as a reducing agent for certain metals, used in new ceramic alloys, etc.

Silicon metal powder packaging

  • 1kg aluminum foil paper bags vacuum encapsulated.
  • 10kg, 20kg carton packaging.
  • 10kg, 20kg, 35kg, 50kg iron drum packaging
  • Packaging according to customer’s demand by mutual agreement
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