5 Best Metallurgical Grade Silicon Metal Recommendations

18 Nov , 2021

Metallurgical grade silicon metal is not specifically produced for metallurgy, but rather some grades of silicon metal that are more suitable for use in metallurgy. The main grades of silicon metal often used in metallurgy are 441, 553, 3303, 2202 and 1101, which play a very important role in steelmaking, foundry and other metallurgical industries.

Metallurgical Grade Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal 441

Metallurgical grade silicon metal 441 has a silvery grey appearance with a metallic lustre and a silicon content greater than or equal to 99%, and is widely used in the production of aluminium products, steel making, casting and other metallurgical industries. In the process of making silicon metal 441 in order to minimise the internal iron, aluminium and calcium elements, it is often oxygenated to make an oxygenated type of silicon metal 441 with a lower impurity content.Introduction of Silicon Metal 441

Silicon Metal 553

Silicon metal 553 contains more than 99% elemental silicon and can be processed into powders, granules and standard blocks through processing. Silicon metal 553 is packaged in tonne bags and is often used in the production of aluminium ingots, special steels and other metallurgical grade products. The same as silicon metal 441, silicon metal 553 can also be oxygenated during smelting to produce oxygenated silicon metal 553, which has a lower impurity content and better quality than the non-oxygenated type.Introduction of Silicon Metal 553

Silicon Metal 3303

Different from ferrosilicon, silicon metal 3303 is graded according to the impurity elements other than silicon. Silicon metal 3303 can contain up to 99.3% silicon, iron and aluminum elements can drop to 0.3%, and calcium elements can drop to 0.03. After crushing and processing, it can be made into granules, powder, and standard lumps metallurgical grade silicon metal, etc for easy storage and use. Silicon metal 3303 is often used in the process of aluminum refining, and is favored by the majority of aluminum plants.Introduction of Silicon Metal 3303

Silicon Metal 2202

Silicon metal 2202 can contain 99.4% silicon elements, 0.2% iron and aluminum elements, calcium elements can be reduced to less than 0.02%, its impurity content is even lower. Silicon metal 2202 is also metallurgical gradeproduct, it can be used in aluminum plants, after purification process, can be made into silicon products, in the semiconductor and conductive fields are used.Introduction of Silicon Metal 2202

Silicon Metal 1101

Silicon metal 1101 is a high purity metallurgical material with elemental silicon content greater than 99.5%, elemental iron and aluminum content of 0.1%, and elemental calcium less than 0.01%, which is mainly used in the production of various organic silicon industries through purification.Introduction of Silicon Metal 1101

Silicon metal is currently the mainstream silicon metal products, is widely used in aluminum ingots, steelmaking, metallurgy and other fields, but there are still many users will adjust its content according to the production requirements, we support custom production of different types of metallurgical grade silicon metal, to provide users with samples and test reports, you can contact and tell us your needs at any time.