Silicon Metal 553


Silicon metal 553 is widely used in refractories, powder metallurgy industry, it is an excellent antioxidant. Adding silicon metal 553 in the refractory material can first react with oxygen to form a new mineral phase, close the pores, improve the density, prevent the penetration of slag iron, so as to improve the product’s high temperature resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance of the product.


Silicon metal 553 is JBT`s strength product , with a large user group and a number of authoritative certificates. The number 553 represents the content of Ferrum, aluminum and calcium in it. The shape of silicon metal 553 includes natural block, standard block, granules, powder,etc. It can be customized to different shapes according to customer's requirements.

In the actual production of aluminum ingots, silicon metal 553 can be quickly dissolved in aluminum water, improve the mechanical properties of aluminum, so that aluminum has a really good plasticity. Usually, the production of silicon metal 553 requires the use of mineral heating furnace to heat and react its raw materials. The common raw materials of metal silicon 553 include quartz, silica, wood chips, coke, etc. The production of silicon metal 553 requires a lot of energy and consumes a lot of power. Therefore, the price of metal silicon 553 is often affected by the price of raw materials, and the cost of electricity consumption is also one of the factors affecting the price of silicon metal 553.

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Impurity elements % max
Fe Al Ca
553 0.5 0.5 0.3


Silicon metal 553 is mainly used in the production of aluminum ingots or special steel, in the process of making aluminum, the use of silicon metal 553 can be quickly dissolved in aluminum water, and with aluminum aquatic biochemical reaction, change the plasticity of aluminum. Silicon metal 553 is rich in silicon, which can also be used as an effective deoxidizer in the process of making special steel.

In addition, the metal silicon 553 is divided into two kinds: with oxygen and without oxygen. After oxygenation in the smelting process of silicon metal 553, the impurities inside silicon 553 can be greatly reduced,compared with the silicon metal 553 without oxygen, its quality is higher purity and the effect is better.

Silicon metal 553 other applications

Silicon Metal 553 can also be used in the metallurgical industry to produce a variety of alloy products, through the purification process, metal silicon 553 can be used in a variety of silicon products, in the semiconductor, aerospace, aviation and other fields.

At present silicon metal 553 is with the development of aluminum ingot production process is constantly known, believing that the future silicon 553 metal will have a wider range of applications.


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Custom-made packaging can be made according to customer requirements, including wooden frame, pallet and iron drum packaging. By default, the silicon 553 products can be packaged in the form of ton bags. The products can be exported to all over the world by land + sea, so that customers around the world can use the silicon 553 products with trust.