High Carbon Silicon

  • Size:1mm~100mm & Custom
  • Color:Black & gray
  • Shape:Lump, grain, powder
  • package:Tons of bags
  • application:SteelMaking,Casting,Metallurgical
  • Certification:ISO9001, SGS
  • Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Delivery Time:5-10 work days
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:Anyang jinbeite


High Carbon Silicon is a new type of alloy used in converters. It is rich in silicon but has a relatively high carbon content. It is currently mainly used in steelmaking and foundry fields. High-carbon silicon has a very high economical type. It can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and another furnace charge in steelmaking, but the price is relatively low. Common high carbon silicon mainly includes nature lumps, standard lumps, granules, and powders. The particle size can be divided into 0-10mm, 10-50mm, 10-100mm, we support customizing the particle size of high carbon silicon according to customer requirements.

What is high carbon silicon?

High Carbon Silicon is a by-product of the production of silicon metal or ferrosilicon. During smelting, due to the poor heating effect of the electrodes, the bottom of the furnace does not reach the temperature of smelting metallic silicon or ferrosilicon, resulting in no fully chemical reaction between silicon dioxide and carbon at the bottom of the furnace, after a long time of accumulation, a thick alloy deposit is produced at the bottom of the furnace, which is high carbon silicon. High Carbon Silicon is rich in silicon, but the carbon content is relatively high, and the price is relatively low compared with metallic silicon and ferrosilicon. High Carbon Silicon can be used instead of ferrosilicon and metallic silicon in some metallurgical operations with lower carbon requirements, thereby greatly reducing production costs.


Chemical Composition%
Grade Si C Al S P
Si68C18 68 18 3 0.1 0.05
Si65C15 65 15 3 0.1 0.05
Si60C10 60 10 3 0.1 0.05


High Carbon Silicon is rich in silicon. In the steelmaking process, it is necessary to oxygenate the molten steel so that the molten steel quickly reaches the ideal temperature. In the later stage, the oxygen in the molten steel needs to be treated, otherwise, a large number of oxides will be produced, then affect the quality of steel. After the use of high carbon silicon, the internal silicon element can quickly generate silica gas with oxygen, taking most of the oxygen from the molten steel, reducing the number of oxides in the molten steel, and making most of the oxides and sundries float on the surface of molten steel to facilitate cleaning and effectively improve the purity of molten steel. The carbon in high carbon silicon also regulates the carbon element in molten steel, thereby improving the toughness and hardness of steel.

In the casting process, the molten iron needs to be inoculated. The use of high carbon silicon can greatly improve the inoculation effect, which increases the number of eutectic pellets in the molten iron and improves the quality of cast iron. At the same time, high carbon silicon can also promote the flow properties of molten iron and reduce the occurrence of clogging of the water outlet. In the process of producing graphite cast iron, high carbon silicon can effectively improve the structure and distribution of graphite, and reduce the whiteness tendency, greatly improving the quality of the casting.

Packaging and transportation

We use tons of bags as high carbon silicon packaging, and export high carbon silicon to various countries in the world by land and sea transportation to provide our customers with high-quality high carbon silicon.



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