Ferro Silicon 75


Ferro silicon 75 is a silvery gray ferroalloy, which is used primarily as a breeder and spheroidizer in the foundry industry and as a deoxidizer in the steelmaking industry, ferro silicon 75 is a common model of ferro silicon that is very popular. ferro silicon 75 is used as an additive in the ferrous metal production process and will give some desirable properties to the alloys produced. Some of the main benefits of adding ferro silicon 75 to an alloy are to improve the anti-corrosive Also, increasing the high temperature heat resistance of the new alloy, for example, in the production of silicon steel for transformer cores.


Ferro silicon 75 is a common metallurgical material with 75% silicon content, which is a common raw material used in steel making. The raw materials used to produce ferro silicon 75 are mainly coke, steel chips and quartzite, which are produced by heating and smelting in electric furnaces. Ferrosilicon can effectively treat the oxygen in steel and has a stable reaction, and it is widely used in the production of low alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat resistant steel and electrical silicon steel.

The most basic definition of the ferro silicon 75 for sale production process would be that the silica is mixed with coke and then a reduction process takes place in the presence of mill scale, scrap or another source of iron. A blast furnace is employed for ferro silicon production, but for larger contents of silica, an electric arc furnace is used. A large portion of the global ferro silicon suppliers is manufactured in China and India.

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Ferro Silicon Briquette Grade Chemical Composition%
Si Al S C P
FeSi75 ≥75.0 ≤ 1.5 0.02 ≤0.1 ≤0.035


Ferro silicon 75 is widely used in steel making and casting. In the steelmaking process, the steel needs to be oxygenated to achieve the ideal high temperature environment, and too much oxygen at a later stage tends to produce more oxides in the steel, which affects the quality of the steel. At the same time, ferro silicon 75 can also effectively promote the fluidity of the steel, improve the absorption rate, reduce the production cost and increase the profit of the steel mill.

Ferro silicon 75 can also be used as an alternative to inoculants in casting to enhance the formation and increase the number of eutectic pellets. The addition of ferro silicon 75 in the production of ductile iron can effectively prevent the formation of carbides in the iron and promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite. It can effectively improve the fluidity of the iron, thus preventing clogging of the outlet and reducing the tendency of white mouth of the casting.


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