What Casting Industries Are Generally Used For 72 Ferrosilicon Inoculant?

28 Mar , 2024
  • 72 Ferrosilicon inoculant has wide application in the foundry industry, especially in the cast iron industry. As an important metal material, cast iron has excellent casting performance and good seismic resistance, so it is widely used in various industrial fields. And the role of ferrosilicon inoculant in the production process of cast iron is very important.
  • Secondly, ferrosilicon inoculant also plays a role in promoting the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite. In the production of ductile iron, the form and distribution of graphite have an important impact on the mechanical properties of cast iron. The addition of ferrosilicon inoculant can promote the precipitation of graphite, make the distribution of graphite in cast iron more uniform, and also help the spheroidization of graphite.
  • In general, the application of ferrosilicon inoculant in the casting industry is mainly reflected in the production of cast iron, which improves the quality and performance of cast iron by preventing the formation of carbides, promoting graphite precipitation and spheroidization, and improving casting performance.This makes the inoculant of ferrosilicon widely used in the casting process of ductile iron and malleable cast iron.

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