Ferrosilicon Application

01 Mar , 2024
Ferrosilicon is widely used in steelmaking and casting, so manufacturers need to wholesale ferrosilicon in time to maintain normal operation. Ferrosilicon contains rich silicon, which can be better used in the deoxidation process of steelmaking and improve the casting inoculation effect.
  • Before steelmaking, it is necessary to oxygenate the furnace, so as to effectively increase the furnace temperature and provide a stable high temperature environment for steelmaking. In the later stage, the steel is full of oxygen, so that the oxide in the steel is more, which seriously affects the purity of the steel. The use of ferrosilicon can be a good treatment of oxygen in steel, because it contains rich silicon inside, which chemically reacts with the oxygen in steel to produce silica gas, taking away most of the oxygen in steel. And the use of ferrosilicon as a deoxidizer in steelmaking, the chemical reaction is relatively small, can effectively protect the safety of the operator, the price of ferrosilicon is relatively low compared with other deoxidizers, thus effectively reducing the cost of steelmaking.
  • In casting processes, adding a certain proportion of ferrosilicon to iron can promote the speed and quantity of iron eutectic, thus greatly improving the density and quality of the casting. It can also promote the fluidity of iron, make the chemical reaction in iron more adequate, reduce the poor fluidity of iron resulting in water outlet blockage and other problems. In the production process of graphite casting, ferrosilicon can effectively promote the generation of graphite nuclei, improve the distribution of graphite, improve the quality of graphite casting, and avoid the tendency of white mouth.

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