The Utilization of Metallic Silicon

24 Apr , 2024
  • Silicon is widely used in the smelting of ferrosilicon alloys as an alloying element in the steel industry, and as a reducing agent in many types of metal smelting. Silicon is still a good component in aluminum alloys, and the vast majority of cast aluminum alloys contain silicon. Silicon is the raw material for ultra pure silicon in the electronic industry. Electronic devices made of ultra pure semiconductor monocrystalline silicon have advantages such as small volume, light weight, good reliability, and long lifespan. High power transistors, rectifiers, and solar cells made from silicon single crystals doped with specific trace impurities are better than those made from germanium single crystals. The research progress of amorphous silicon solar cells is rapid, with a conversion rate of over 8%. The maximum operating temperature of the silicon molybdenum rod electric heating element can reach 1700 ℃, and it has resistance that is not prone to aging and good antioxidant performance. Trichlorosilane produced from silicon can be used to prepare hundreds of silicone resin lubricants and waterproof compounds.
  • In addition, silicon carbide can be used as an abrasive, and quartz tubes made of high-purity silicon oxide are important materials for high-purity metal smelting and lighting fixtures. Silicon has been called “the paper of the eighties.” Because paper can only record information, and silicon can not only record information, but also process information to obtain new information. The world’s first electronic computer, manufactured in 1945, was equipped with 18,000 electronic tubes, 70,000 resistors and 10,000 capacitors. The whole machine weighed 30 tons and covered an area of 170 square meters, equivalent to the size of 10 houses. Today’s computers, thanks to technological advances and improved materials, can hold tens of thousands of  transistors on a fingernail-sized silicon chip.
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