JBT Wishes Everyone A Happy Holiday

30 Apr , 2024
  • The May Day Labor Day is coming, and we will announce the news of the holiday adjustment here. From May 1st to May 5th, we will usher in a special holiday. Although we have suspended our daily work, we have always maintained online and stayed at any time to deal with possible emergency problems. During this special holiday, we welcome all customers to consult and wish everyone a happy Labor Day.
  • We also welcome all customers to consult and understand related businesses at any time. We will go all out to provide timely and professional services to ensure that our customers can get the best experience.We know that without the trust and support of customers, we cannot achieve today’s achievements. Therefore, we will, as always, provide high -quality services to return everyone’s love.
  • Happy Labor Day! I hope that everyone can enjoy the rest and relaxation.

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