The Application of Silicon Carbon

06 Jan , 2023
Silicon carbide deoxidizer can improve strength and toughness, can deoxidize rapidly, greatly reduce smelting cost, stabilize the quality of molten iron, and delay the incubation and decline time of molten iron.

Silicon carbide deoxidizer can replace the more expensive traditional deoxidizer ferrosilicon powder and alloy powder. It is suitable for deoxidation in the smelting of general steel, alloy steel and special steel. With the advantages of rich foam, it can also effectively improve the recovery rate of elements, and also has the effect of carburizing, replacing some carburizing agents, which greatly reduces the cost of steelmaking. The use of silicon carbide as a steelmaking deoxidizer can stabilize the quality of molten steel, and has the effect of refining grains and removing harmful impurities in molten steel. After use, the casting temperature of molten steel is high, the quality of casting slab is good, and the unit cost is low.

Silicon carbide deoxidizer is a deoxidizing material used in the reduction period of electric furnace steelmaking. It has the following characteristics:
1. Compared with ferrosilicon powder, carbon powder and calcium carbide, oxygen reaction can shorten the reduction time, reduce power consumption and improve labor productivity.
2. The decomposition and oxidation of silicon carbide deoxidizer at high temperature is an exothermic reaction process, and the positive pressure in the furnace is strong, which can ensure the necessary conditions for deoxidation and sulfur removal, and reduce the sulfur content.
3. Due to the shortened reduction period, the chance of aspirating molten steel in the later stage is reduced, the growth of H and the return of P are reduced, thereby ensuring the quality of molten steel.
4. Reduce the amount of quicklime and fluorite powder added, reduce costs, reduce the concentration of harmful gases and dust pollution, and help improve operating conditions.
5. The foam slag is rich and active, and at the same time, the bubble wraps the arc yellow to reduce the arc radiation, thereby improving the life of the furnace lining and the furnace cover, reducing the heat shutdown time and the consumption of auxiliary materials.

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