Quality And Price Of Silicon Metal In Malaysia

20 May , 2022

Malaysia is also an important producer and exporter of silicon metal, and its users are located in Europe and Southeast Asia. Subject to the anti-dumping act on silicon metal in China, many EU members will bear high tax rates when purchasing silicon metal from China, then the price of silicon metal seems better in Malaysia. For quality, Malaysia is an important exporter of silicon metal and has advanced silicon metal production technology. As one of the Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia has an absolute advantage in geographical location, which makes it possible for some other Southeast Asian countries to purchase silicon metal from Malaysia to greatly reduce the transportation cost and time. However, Malaysia&rsquo’s silicon metal resources are limited. According to the 2020 global silicon metal production survey, the largest producer of silicon metal in China, so Malaysia will also import silicon metal from China to meet user demand.

Quality And Price Of Silicon Metal In Malaysia

Many people don't know that there are very few silicon metal manufacturers in Malaysia, most of them are traders. They get more silicon metal discounts from Chinese silicon metal manufacturers and sell the silicon metal purchased from China to their own customers. China is still the country with the largest producer of silicon metal in the world. This is mainly because China has very rich mineral resources. The main raw material for the production of silicon metal is quartz stone. Silicon metal manufacturers will smelt quartz stone and use carbonaceous raw materials as reducing agents. The silica in the quartz stone is precipitated and reduced to silicon. The production of silicon metal requires a lot of electric energy, so many manufacturers choose areas with lower electricity costs to build factories. Usually, these areas are characterized by abundant water resources, rich coal resources, and low electricity costs.

In Malaysia, not all silicon metal manufacturers produce silicon metal independently, but they also process silicon metal. For example, silicon metal particles and silicon powder are all derived products made by processing silicon metal, with different particle sizes. The silicon metal has different element indicators, and its price is also different. Many users who come to Malaysia to buy silicon metal often do not see the electric furnace equipment used to produce silicon metal, but often see processing facilities for processing silicon metal, mainly because Malaysia is not dominated by silicon metal production. The country that actually produces silicon metal is mainly China. In 2020, China's silicon metal output will reach 3 million tons, accounting for 69.3% of the world's silicon metal output, which is an astonishing proportion.

We are a silicon metal manufacturer from China, and many silicon metal users will eventually choose us to buy various types of silicon metal products. We will carry out strict quality inspections on silicon metal products one by one, and have certificates issued by SGS, NGV, ISO9001, and other authoritative organizations, and at the same time have a strong pre-sales and after-sales team and professional technical consultants to solve all problems for our customers. to any questions.

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