Difference of Oxygened and Non-Oxygen Silicon Metal

30 Mar , 2023
Oxygen silicon metal and silicon metal without oxygen refer to whether oxygen is passed through the silicon metal during the preparation process. The main difference between the two lies in the preparation method and material properties. Oxygen will be introduced during the preparation of oxygen silicon metal, which can increase the oxygen content in metal silicon, and oxygen atoms and silicon atoms will combine to form silicon oxide molecules, making a silicon oxide film on the surface of metal silicon, thereby increasing the metal Chemical stability and corrosion resistance of silicon. In contrast, during the preparation of oxygen-impermeable metal silicon, no oxygen is introduced, the oxygen content in metal silicon is low, and no silicon oxide molecules are coated on the surface of metal silicon, so in terms of chemical stability and corrosion resistance Not as good as oxygen metal silicon. In addition, the physical and chemical properties of oxygen-through metal silicon and non-oxygen metal silicon are also different, such as crystal structure, conductivity, melting point, etc. In a word, metal silicon metal with oxygen flow and silicon metal metal without oxygen flow are two different methods in the preparation process of metal silicon, and there are differences in their material properties.

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